Category: Bicyling and Transportation

  • The view from the back

    Here’s the view from the bike trailer. My son carries around a little camera and comes up with some interesting views of the world. I think I might turn them into a book.

  • Wooden Bike Saddle??

    I think the MFA program did something to my head, because somewhere in the processes of dreaming this up I concluded it was a good idea to actually do it…

  • A Global Bike (a longer post)

  • Clearing away some bike grime

    I’ve been doing a little digging online and cleaning on the bike in search of clues as to what the old orange bike used to be. I’ll add pics later. Bicycle Parts Info: The bike is from 1954 an was probably a Raleigh Sports or maybe a Club. Or, maybe it was a Speedwell from…

  • An odd old road bike.

    I picked this up a few weeks ago off The classified site. Not really sure what it is, but has some high end parts and oddities. Not super rare and not in great shape, but the gearing, even with all that goop and dust all over it is smooth. The frame has lost it’s original…