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My efforts in between work and daily life, as chronicled on this blog, are not to master techniques, but to explore the possibilities of communication inherent in making. Each post follows one of multiple mediums, old stand-by’s to the new and unknown, as a way to connect experiences and ideas. You might say this philosphical blog is about the totality of trying to live a well meaning, and creative life.

I’ve been writing this blog for over a decade now, and through the years this site and my writing have taken on various forms. My goal has been to keep the website open and fresh with my unique brand of observations, but I can’t say it has always been successful. Previous iterations of ArteDeTimo.com have focused on everything from politics and sports, to creative play and critical analysis, but mainly the site has been a showcase of all my disparate creations and ideas.

Earning an MFA fine tuned who am as an artist, and just as importantly, gave me experience working within a larger discourse. It is one thing to practice art, but it is something more to be able to articulate that practice within a set of cultural ideas and beliefs. Framing a cultural site (or place in society,) within a larger discourse is a separate skill from practicing and making art. It is a pursuit I have found rewarding.

I once thought I would make part of my living writing this blog, but I found that trying to make money providing “content” burdened my expressive ability. I now run the site free of ads. The above logo links to a website that sums up the idea, so I won’t belabor the point here.

Finally, my blog is designed to provoke readers to think of their hobbies differently. Articulating my ideas and feelings about slightly important projects spurs connections and realizations about life in general. I hope that each reader relates to my projects and writings, even if outside an area of interest, and responds by generating his or her own questions about the often overlooked, in-between parts of life.

About the title “Arte De Timo”

Arte de Timo is an odd title, but maybe not in the way you think. The loose translation is “Art of Timo,” or “Timo’s Art”, but there is a grammatical mistake that reveals a twist of words. In Spain, “timo” translates to “fake,” so the hidden meaning of arte de timo is “fake art”.

So, Welcome to either a site for Timo’s Art, or about Fake Art depending on how you want to read it. This blog presents a range of writings and projects by Timo McIntosh that explore his place in the suburban landscapes where he lives. The website asks the question; can authenticity grow from creations whose subjects are fake? Can “fake art” have meaning in an authentic world?


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