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  • Day 7

    The dark spot is the growing embryo. To be honest, I’m surprised any of them have grown this long. Fingers crossed, they keep going for another couple weeks.

  • Incubator day 1

    I’ll share more about how I put this together when it isn’t in use. And I’ll tell the story of the eggs next post. For now it is 9 fertile chicken eggs nice and toasty at 100 degrees farenheight.

  • Chickens

    Our chickens.

  • Protected: Getting Fish

    There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

  • Day two of Detector

    Got a metal detector to entertain myself and my son out in the back yard. Found this (1946,s Wheat cent) in the morning along with a bunch of nails, plumbing fitting, and a broken lock.

  • Macro Shots

    No crop. 100% zoom. With a macro lens and little practice, this sort of shot isn’t too tough, but it is a lot of fun chasing bugs and getting in on flowers. It’s a whole other world, that is very rewarding to explore.

  • Macro v. Zoom question…

    Over the weekend, I was asked a photo question about whether to get a macro lens, when a zoom plus digital crop can provide this sort of result My new favorite of my pictures. #butterfly #corvallis #nature #naturephotography #naturelovers #natureaddict #naturephoto #macro #macrophotography #closeup #color #awesome #awesomeness #red #orange A photo posted by Ian Ciechanowski…

  • Early harvest

    Corn harvest comes early

  • Finished game table

    Finished game table

  • Drought

    On a walk; the fire department left this out.

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