Avocado Picking

Here are some pics from my wife, taken wile I was picking the first wave of Fuerte avocados off the tree. I didn’t even have to move the ladder to get 20 pounds worth. For reference, I am on a ten foot ladder with a twenty foot picker, and in this position could only go halfway up the tree. It gets dicey trying to get the ones on top. I stand on the second to top rung of the ladder in full extension with picker, which weighs 20-30 pounds on its own, completely vertical over my head. It usually takes a few weeks to warm up each year, but I’m getting pretty good at it.

So for those who would like to gorge on this bounty, you either come over for a lesson in picking them, or I get an fruit swap IOU for some other crop/service you can provide. Just like in the old days, a neighborly exchange. Deal?







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