Finds from the yard

I posted a couple of things I found in the attic of our tiny little house. Here are a few things that we have run into in the yard.

The white disk is a piece of glass. My original guess was that it is from a bike or motorcycle light.  But, under perfect light and with a magnifying glass, I made out some lettering around the edge. The letters are spaced off center and unevenly, with several almost rubbed off, making me think it is pretty old and not made from a machine molding process. It says, “GENUINE BOYD CAP  FOR MASON JARS.” I didn’t know they made jar lids out of glass. Kinda interesting. Amazing that it is still in tact after being in the dirt and hit by a shovel.

The two coins are a little less of a mystery, and pretty easy to date. I found them over the summer, with my brother-in-law’s metal detector. They visited in July and he brought it with him. He had to turn the sensitivity way down because it was beeping ever foot or so. He dug up a few of the beeps at first and found all sorts of nails and bits of rusted out who-knows-what. ON the higher settings it detected coin metals a little better. After he found a few pennies and dimes, I finally got these two together, known as a spill. One of the other holes we dug revealed a rusted through huge iron pipe with bits of glass and ceramics in it. Maybe it was the catch in an old drain, or maybe just some junk someone buried. It was interesting experience seeing how much junk is buried in our yard. The place is really old as I have posted, so who knows what some of that buried stuff is.  I have found lots of terracotta bits and a jade doughnut (which I have now misplaced,) so maybe there is a treasure waiting to be found.






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