The Game of Cars

My wife, son, and I have gotten into the habit of playing all sorts of road-trip games when we get into the car, even when we are just going to the market. My son really likes vehicles of all shapes and sizes, and for the last couple years, no matter how hard we try to entertain ourselves with other things, we seem to revert to playing car games. We play all sorts of games from Road Trip bingo and license plate games, to card games and a modern version of Slug-bug (without the hitting) involving hybrids and electric cars. It’s all cars all the time.

Anyone with kids knows, too, that when you play a game, listen to a song, or read a kid’s book long enough or enough times, it gets stuck in your head. Now, everywhere we go, whether we are playing a game, or with even with our son, my wife and I are always counting up Prii and looking out for new electric and hybrid cars models we haven’t seen before. We’ve both caught ourselves more than once, alone, yelling “Chevy Volt,” or “Nissan Leaf,” as we drive along to a meeting or work.

We’ve also started taking pictures of them on occasion. Here are a few. One is from a trip through Davis, CA. One is a two-for in San Francisco, and the other is from my wife, down the street on a walk. Are we nuts?






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